Radio Free Wall Street 5/24/10

Russ Winter and Lee Adler talk about the events of the last couple of days, as well as key financial data, and strategies and tactics to take advantage of the situation.

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7 comments for “Radio Free Wall Street 5/24/10

  1. rusty
    June 1, 2010 at 12:03 am

    Russ Winter began his “actionables” service in late 2008, after share prices had fallen, and Mr. Winter told readers of his blog that they could now pay him money to receive his tips on which oversold stocks were likeliest to rise going forward. All of the names which Winter recommended in his pay-to-play “actionables” continued to fall over the weeks and months which ensued. Unfortunately, I was one of the fools who took Russ Winter’s advice seriously, and I lost a lot of money as a result, but after hearing Winter make a complete idiot of himself in last week’s podcast, I realize that I have only myself to blame for accepting guidance from a quack, who displayed in last week’s podcast, that he is totally ignorant of the facts, even in so far as recent market history is concerned. My experience with Lee Adler over the past couple of years is that he understands the markets very well, but I cannot say the same for his cohort, Russ Winter. I nevertheless enjoy the podcasts very much, and I have been doing quite well rewcently by following Lee’s thoughts while taking those of Mr. Winter as contra-indicating signals.

  2. Lee Adler
    June 7, 2010 at 4:39 pm

    Rusty, while I appreciate the compliment, Russ never told readers that they could pay him money to receive tips “on which oversold stocks were likeliest to rise going forward.” That’s just not true Everything he’s ever posted there is still there at He clearly explains there what the Actionable service would cover.

    As for his subsequent picks, he was early, but he did very well when the market turned. Russ lives off his trading, and in the years that I’ve watched him, he’s had a lot more winners than losers.

    Russ reports what he is doing in his own account. Whether a person decides to do the same or not is their decision, as you correctly pointed out.

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