Cleared for Takeoff

As you may know, our server was attacked and compromised on Thursday night. I spent all day Friday searching for the exploits, cleaning and removing them, and then hardening the security of the server to the best of my ability. The warning message that you may have seen was served by Google via its safe browsing site diagnostics. You can check the current status of the site here:

Following the work that I did I asked Google for a review. They have reviewed the site and cleared us for takeoff. I apologize to our subscribers for the inconvenience. I’ve done my best to harden the security of the server, but I am no match for the armies of criminal vermin who attack WordPress installations. I’ve gotten ahead of them for the moment, and will do my best to do a better job of monitoring and securing our files and databases. I would like to move to a proprietary platform which has fewer security vulnerabilities than our current open source platform, but there are formidable obstacles to that.

Thank you for your patience and support!