Another Act of Madness, But the Fix Is In

The Fed has decided to massively rig the markets in the hope it will spur the economy. Not only won’t it work, the unintended consequences will be catastrophic. Russ and Lee discuss what it means, and how to possibly profit from the Fed’s move. Subscribers, click player below (visible on Radio Free Wall Street main site only) to listen to podcast, or use this link to download.

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2 comments for “Another Act of Madness, But the Fix Is In

  1. Joyce Anderson
    November 10, 2010 at 12:33 pm

    Can You address the situation with China. I understand that China set up their own rating agency back in June or July and has now downgraded the USA. Our own rating agencies seem to have lost credibility (they have with me). Is China still purchasing US bonds? If China is not purchasing US bonds, do you think this is a tipping point for the US in the world view of the US being a stable and safe haven for the fortunes of the people of the world. I guess what I am trying to say is, is the world losing confidence in the United States and if so what do you think will happen from here.

    • November 10, 2010 at 8:44 pm

      Sorry, I didn’t see your question until after today’s podcast. So far, the Chinese have been talking a good game but not acting to the degree that we see anything in the data that I research every week for the Wall Street Examiner Professional Edition Fed Report. I have seen zero indication that foreign central banks are slowing their buying. If the Chinese are backing out, someone is picking up the slack. The answer to the question of when there will be an inflection point is still out there. All we can do is watch the charts and the data for any signs of change. I have seen issues with the GSE paper, but nothing yet on the Treasuries.

      For those who are interested, you can stay up to date with the machinations of the Fed, Treasury, and foreign central banks in the US market, along with regular updates of the US housing market, in the Fed Report in the Professional Edition, Money Liquidity, and Real Estate Package. Try it risk free for 30 days.

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