Which is Worse? Europe, Russia, or US?

Russ Winter of Winter (Economic and Market) Watch, ML-Implode.com’s Aaron Krowne, and the Wall Street Examiner’s Lee Adler give their take on the implications of Jon Corzine’s Congressional testimony, the chaotic events in Europe, and the implications of today’s market meltdown for the short term, intermediate and long term outlook.

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1 comment for “Which is Worse? Europe, Russia, or US?

  1. Ole C G Olesen
    December 10, 2011 at 12:31 pm

    I ..KNOW ..which is WORSE and I do not need COMPLICATED EXPLANATIONS . An answer also has to be seen in a relativistic way

    1. Reg Russia .. ofc it has a LONG WAY UP after the failed experiment of the Russian Version of Communism
    BUT .. Russia is doing remarkably well . has paid of all its debts and makes a killing because it is one of the most recourcefull COMODITY COUNTRIES in the world . It just needs a little bit more time .. to finally RECOVER from the PAST . Its doing fairly well and living standards are improving fast

    2. Regarding Europe :


    And besides of having been declared imminent DEAD by ANGLOSAXONS many times .. the EURO has kept its value remarkably well ..
    TRY .. based on exchange rates( and prevailing interst-rates ) to make a CALCULATION.. HOW would a EUROPEAN or almost any other national outside the US have fared had he 10 years ago purchased for 100.000 USD 10 Year US Treasuries ?
    And try to calculate how a US CITICEN would have fared had he purchased for 100.000 USD ..European Bonds ( except greek ofc )
    in the first scenario the foreigner would have been standing with approx 100.000 EURO having lent approx 112.000 EURO to the US Gouvernment .. 10 Years ago… a LOSS of 12.000 EURO … approx 16.000 USD ..MINUS .. after 10 years
    in the second scenario the SMART US Citicen would have been standing with approx 225.000 USD having lent 100.000 USD to EUROPEAN Gouvernments . He would have more than DOUBLED his Capital !

    Considering the relentless US APPETITE for MORE BORROWING and MORE MONEY PRINTING .. i think it is a fair BET .. that developments in preceeding 10 Years will be emulated in the next 10 Years

    In 10 years time .. due to AUSTERITY measures now in FULL FORCE …. EUROPE will stand with a ROCK SOLID ECONOMY…, the most advanced INFRA-STRUCTURE in the World .. and a generally well EDUCATED Populace ..
    with steadily INCREASING FRIENDLY Cooperation towards EAST ..ie RUSSIA and CHINA . High speed Trains have been build across the EURASIAN CONTINENT .. PIPELINES and ENERGY LINES as well …
    ( it is already occuring at high speed ! )
    Commerce and Human Interaction flourishes… THE OLD SILK ROAD has risen as a PHOENIX from the ashes … BOTH WAYS !

    Well ..I cant see a EUROPEAN Problem … in the long term .. on the contrary .. the FUTURE is FULL OF POSITIVE PROMISES !

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