Europe’s Refusal to Recognize Reality Brings On The Endgame

Russ Winter of Winter (Economic and Market) Watch, Aaron Krowne of, and the Wall Street Examiner’s Lee Adler discuss their take on Europe, concluding that the only road out is the one not taken. As a result a bleak future awaits. This is a free podcast, available to all. Click here to listen or use the first media player below.

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1 comment for “Europe’s Refusal to Recognize Reality Brings On The Endgame

  1. Ole C G Olesen
    December 13, 2011 at 7:24 am

    The US part of it is ..that the US ows NET 2.3 TRILLION in CASH to EUROPEAN BANKS and are AFRAID of a RECALL of that Money.
    This does NOT include the MOUNTAIN of US TREASURIES held by EUROPEAN ENTITIES which could ALSO be sold of .. in case of NEED .
    EUROPE could afford to DEVALUE its MONEY without causing much effect on what has to be REPAID in Interest or pricipal. Still Europe tries to avoid using the ” Quantitative ?” solution and attempt not PRINT themselves out problems as far as this is possible .

    I have other places used an example ..I will re-iterate :

    TRY .. based on exchange rates( and prevailing interst-rates ) to make a CALCULATION.. HOW would a EUROPEAN or almost any other national outside the US have fared had he 10 years ago purchased for 100.000 USD 10 Year US Treasuries ?
    And try to calculate how a US CITICEN would have fared had he purchased for 100.000 USD ..European Bonds ( except greek ofc )

    in the first scenario the foreigner would have been standing with approx 100.000 EURO having lent approx 112.000 EURO to the US Gouvernment .. 10 Years ago… a LOSS of approx 12.000 EURO
    … approx 16.000 USD ..MINUS .. after 10 years

    in the second scenario the SMART US Citicen would have been standing with approx 225.000 USD having lent 100.000 USD to EUROPEAN Gouvernments . He would have more than DOUBLED his Capital !
    CHECK IT OUT .. If You doubt.. use the exchange rates.. and use prevailing interest rates .. where European Rates have been a couple of percent HIGHER than US rates.. for all the time
    When considering the relentless US APPETITE for BORROWING and MONEY PRINTING .and NO END IN SIGHT FOR THAT ( at present close to 300 BILLION USD / Month ) …contrary to EUROPE ,which at least attempts to CUT SPENDING .it is a solid BET .. that the next 10 Years .. could be as the preceeding 10 Years
    SO .. where do YOU think … Your hard earned savings are SAFER ?


    THAT IS IF THE ANGLOSAXONS DO NOT SUCCEED IN DESTROYING THE EURO .. which is all there is to say .. about whats going on .. for a person who is NOT in INFORMATION DEFICIT

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