Most Rigged Market Since 1929 Calls For 70% Decline

Russ Winter tells Lee Adler and Aaron Krowne that this is the most rigged and riskiest market in modern history, and he calls for a 70% crash in equities. This is a subscriber only podcast.

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1 comment for “Most Rigged Market Since 1929 Calls For 70% Decline

  1. rapier
    April 18, 2012 at 4:52 pm

    Corporations, writ large, now own all the worlds profit making or possibly profit making assets. The hard ones mind you. The giants don’t own all of them by a long shot but they own a good chunk of them and they can by any others on a whim.

    Point being that to the extent that stocks represent ownership of said assets then stocks are the only logical place to put most money. I am not all on board with Mark Faber but he said the goal over the next few years is to not lose over 50% of your assets.

    When debt assets go bad they go to zero or close to it. Underlying stocks are real hard assets. Buildings, machinery, patents and intellectual property. Only a total collapse of the monetary/financial/political economy will allow stocks to go to zero.

    Let’s recall that wealth is so concentrated at the top now that it follows that the normal markets have disappeared but I believe the big money, keeping Faber’s idea in mind, is committed to holding stocks more and more. I mean if your worth XX billions and you lose half, are you poor? I believe the 1% don’t want the rest to own a share of anything even stocks. They want it all and Western governments want what they want.

    Therefore I don’t doubt there will be another crash and crisis someday but it will have a monetary component and stocks and corporations themselves will become in some way the ultimate store of value, money itself.

    If that doesn’t work out then I believe we enter a JH Kuntsler/Automatic Earth world of a new Middle Ages but it is possible an altered world of modernism and large middle classes overseen by corporations could well develop too. If the world does fall apart then all is lost anyway so put some of your money in stocks is my view. If everything goes to zero including the money the what difference does it make what you were invested in?

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