Monthly Archives: October 2012

Watching High Frequency Economic Data – Free Russ Winter Podcast

Three minute podcast,  on today’s topics. More insane consumer behavior is being reported. Look at those student loans. Now we know where the device money comes from. August Consumer Credit rises $18.1B vs. expectations of $7.25B, prior -$2.45B (revised from -$3.3). Revolving loans up $4.3B, non-revolving (student loans) up $13.9. On percentage terms outstanding credit rose […]

Winter Says US Economic Implosion Has Begun But Adler Has Doubts

Russ Winter talks about evidence that the US economy has already begun to implode. Lee Adler says that that’s still in the future, with more upside probably ahead for the market. This is a subscriber only podcast. Non subscribers can listen…

Do Economic Fundamentals Trump Central Bank Pumping?

Lee Adler and Russ Winter continue their discussion of whether central bank liquidity trumps economic deterioration in terms of the market’s response. This is a subscriber only podcast. If you are not a subscriber, Click here to access the most recent free…